The Long-haul Carriers Would Take Full Responsibility For Missed Connections, Though Ryanair Would Pay Fines Under Eu Rules For Flights Over Three Hours Late, He Said.

"We are still talking to them." FEEDER FLIGHTS Ryanair, which exclusively operates short-haul point-to-point services, is hoping to pilot a system of feeding long-haul flights in the coming months. O'Leary said he hoped such plans with Norwegian Air Shuttle and Aer Lingus could start in May. The integration of their booking systems has delayed the signing of deals, he said. Ryanair is offering long-haul carriers the ability to book its seats for resale at the same prices offered to customers on its own website. The long-haul carriers would take full responsibility for missed connections, though Ryanair would pay fines under EU rules for flights over three hours late, he said. In addition to Italy, Ryanair is targeting Germany, Europe's second-largest aviation market after Britain, and O'Leary said he planned to fight Lufthansa's recent agreement to lease 38 crewed planes from low-cost Air Berlin for six years. O'Leary said the lease was a "fig leaf" to mask the acquisition of its main domestic competitor, which he said would raise their combined market share to 63 percent. "It is nothing other than a takeover," O'Leary said. Ryanair has submitted its concerns to Germany's competition authority, which said on Wednesday it would make a decision by the end of the month on whether to review the deal. "They have been very receptive," O'Leary said.

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