Theyve Been On Deltas Honolulu Flights Since Last August, And American Also Gives Passengers A Sandwich Box On Some Hawaii Flights.

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economy class, where passengers must either schlep their own meals, pay for one on board or make do with pretzels and peanuts. Delta says it will start serving meals to all passengers on 12 long-haul routes over the next several weeks. They have been on Honolulu flights since last August. Airlines introducing "basic fares" in push for more fliers Airlines took away free sandwiches and similar fare after an industry downturn during the worldwide financial crisis that began in 2008. Delta dropped meals in economy earlier, in 2001. The carriers have returned to profitability and went affordable flights to chicago on a spree of buying new jets and hiring more employees, but meals have mostly airlines that fly to hawaii not come back. Many airlines still give free meals to economy-class travelers on international flights, but theyre rare in domestic travel. Theyve been on Deltas Honolulu flights since last August, and American also gives passengers a sandwich box on some Hawaii flights. Instead, airlines would offer hungry passengers a slightly more interesting snack, like United Airlines stroopwafels.

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